Thursday, 13 October 2016

Photoshoot with Gina and her lovely family

I have a great passion for making photographic diaries for families. I love to photograph them outdoors; in a park or a forest surrounded by nature. Pretty flowers and beautiful coloured autumn leaves set the perfect scene for having a walk, having fun and letting them be who they are, capturing their intimate and loving moments. I often find that this is the best way of keeping memories and creating stories that they can cherish forever..
My example here is my friend Gina and her adorable family. I take a photo-shoot with them every year and this latest session was last month.....full of joy and happiness :)

My goal is to show every family how beautiful they are.  Everyday life with kids can be challenging and hectic.  Just stopping for a moment, letting a family be a family, forgetting their troubles and appreciating who each other are is something we all need to do.  So a couple of hours of care free fun to be had by all can be recorded for a lifetime.


Wednesday, 5 October 2016

9Years 9Balloons

Let's start with my very latest work. I live in London for a while but I'm lucky enough to work in my home country as well - quite often. So my last photo shoot was in Hungary with Bence , who is a very handsome 9 years old and with his gorgeous mum, Betti. We celebrated his birthday in a lovely park with beautiful sunlight and nine colourful balloons - and I captured they happy moments.

We had beautiful scenario and colours around us, but I could also photograph they unique bond and love.

Happy Birthday Bence!! <3


My very first blog


My name is Kristina.  I'm a portrait photographer, originally from Hungary but I now live in London for the past 8 years.
I have a beautiful website where you can see my work - - however I decided to create a blog as I want to show and share what I do instantly and in more detail. I would like to show you my concept of creating valuable memories for people and families and to share some behind the scene shots. I don't know exactly how is this blog going to work, but it has been in my mind for a while so here goes....... I will never know, until try.
Probably my English is not the best, so sorry in advance but I hope my pictures will speak for themselves ;)